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Vonage - I have gathered lots of useful information, and statistics on one of the worlds fastest growing companies, and yes it is a network marketing company, but the things that you have learned about network marketing in the past are all in the past. This type of company has a new outlook, and better then that it has a superior product, that basically everyone already has, but now you can have it for cheaper, and not only that but you can make money by  showing and getting your friends and family and other acquaintances to enjoy and save as you do. That will confirm the power of positive thinking, and positive intention. I am preparing to publish all of this informative information so that you can become successful and wealthy. If you educate yourself with this information and use it, you will see a change in your life. Here are a few words that I feel similar with, from my friend Yong Kim...

Network marketing, just like life, is what you make of it.

If you see it as a way to trick people into paying money to buy/sell products to benefit yourself selling/buying products, then it is. If you see it as a scam that is too good to be true, then it is.

The thing is, anyone with around $500 can be a network marketer. So, chances are, it has been misrepresented by many unethical people who don't really understand the business.

To me, the first two perceptions are wrong. You can either own your own business and buy/sell your own products which mainly makes you and the person who introduced you to this great opportunity money, or you can buy/sell products for another company which mainly benefits the other company. Network marketing reps use their products and use word-of-mouth advertising. There is no better sales person than a satisfied customer.

As far as it being a scam, it is not. There are mounds of information on network marketing. It is just a business model. It is not perfect, but nothing is. It's just a system, that if followed with dedication, gives the average person an opportunity to really make themselves into a success story. Companies can either spend billions of dollars on television ads and franchising buildings or they can franchise their business in people and give them a chance to spread their products and make money through word-of-mouth. There are thousands of people seeing success from this industry.

If you see network marketing as an opportunity to help people by introducing them to an opportunity and -- if they deicide it's for them -- help them realize they are stronger than they thought they were, and show them the actions to take -- personally, or through a leader in your company -- to achieve financial/spiritual success, then that is what it is. This system can work for anyone. Anyone can learn to be good at something with practice. A lot of network marketing is trial and error.

The vision that drives the leaders in network marketing companies is their want to help other people achieve the same success that they have. They have all the money they need. Network marketing will stay forever because the founders know that if they make sure their producers are taken care of, they will stay. Simply, there is no other opportunity available to the average person, that any one can do, like network marketing. If you can come up with a better way to succeed in life, then do it. All you need is the ambition to do it and the willingness to learn. It only takes your decision to do it. It's your life, make it what you want.


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